Cell is not a new thing. I have been there before and I left -James Brown claps back at Bobrisky

January 16, 2021

James Brown has responded to Bobisky’s threat to send ”him” to jail.

In an apparent response to his call-out earlier today, Bobrisky via his Instagram page threatened to send a ”tiny rat” to cell.

Cell not bad 1

Well, James has picked his sub and has responded. According to him, cell is not a new thing, and that most influential people go to cell.

 Read what he wrote below

”When you respect people they take you for granted and disrespect you and now they use your words against you.. this life ehn fear people… Cell is not a new thing.. I have been there before and I left.. most influential people go to cell… if the country can’t take me to cell due to freedom of expression.. no one will only God can and even God won’t threaten Us with prison

Cell not bad 2

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