US election live updates: Biden wins Michigan in vital step towards presidency as Trump tries to challenge results

November 5, 2020
Joe Biden

In Maricopa county, Arizona, sheriff’s deputies have stationed inside an elections center while protestors crowded outside.

Vote counting continues in this key district, as Joe Biden has maintained a narrowing lead in Arizona. Many protesters wore “Make America Great Again” hats and some carried signs baselessly alleging fraud.

The Associated Press and other news organizations including Fox News declared Biden the victor in Arizona yesterday, but Trump has been inching closer to a tie.

Whereas Trump-allied demonstrators in Michigan crowded an election center to demand that officials stop the vote count, many demonstrators in Phoenix are demanding the opposite – that officials keep counting as Trump’s odds look rosier.

Ralliers also reportedly sang YMCA by the Village People, and chanted of their desire for a Trump win.

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