Grandparent Burns Newborn Baby Boy Alive

September 11, 2020

Police arrested grandparent for allegedly burning a newborn baby boy alive. The two was arrested after a half-burnt body of the baby in Tamil Nadu, India was found.

The body was discovered on the premises of a theatre on September 9, according to Times of India.

The police took the body to a hospital for an autopsy and it was revealed the baby was alive when he was set on fire.

Sniffer dogs in the investigation led cops to the door of a 22-year-old woman named Sankaragomathi who had given birth to the boy.

Tenkasi district superintendent of police G Suguna Singh spoke to Times of India and said: “She became pregnant due to an affair with a man called Shankar of the locality and the two tried to abort the foetus twice by taking tablets, but in vain. “She delivered the baby in the house around 2 am on Wednesday.”

According to authorities the grandma, Indra had wrapped up the baby in cloth and set him ablaze.

She has been charged with an act done with intent to prevent a child being born, or cause it to die after birth.

Shankar, the alleged father of the baby has been charged with abetment of an offence.

Currently, Sankaragomathi is being treated at a local government hospital.

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